Our Values

We believe that integrity is the basis of our relationships with all our clients and partners. Our accountability derives from our willingness to be responsible in all our decisions and actions, dealing with professionalism and providing clients with high standard of service.

Why Our Credentials Matters

Today’s financial markets demonstrate the importance of having reliable evidence of your financial adviser’s integrity, experience, and commitment. Among the credentials that financial professionals may hold, none are more highly regarded than or as rigorously focused on investment knowledge as the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors maintain the highest educational and professional standards, protecting clients and providing independent advice and guidance, while keeping professionals up to date with lifelong learning requirements. At Excellgate, senior members of our team are both qualified and compliant with those high standards.

Global Relevance

The CFA charter has become the global professional investment credential. There are CFA charterholders in more than 130 countries. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is a professional body that accredits professionals within the land, property and construction sectors worldwide.

Knowledge and Experience

Excellgate brings together a team of experienced and well educated professional valuers with deep and broad knowledge of the current national and international real estate market. We follow a consistent approach in delivering excellence with our service and we are flexible enough to build into each relationship value that is meaningful for our clients.

Our Ethics

Ethics are a core component in our everyday activities. We follow a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and have established procedure to manage potential conflicts of interest.