Our Services

Company and Business Valuations

Professional valuations are often used by financial institutions to determine the amount of credit that could be extended to a company, by investors when considering equity investment, by courts in determining litigation settlement amounts, and by other market participants when evaluating company’s performance.Valuation is also required to meet a variety of accounting and tax regulations.
We specialize in the valuation of closely held companies, professional practices, and partnership interests. We perform market valuations for business owners, financial institutions, asset managers and insolvency practitioners.

Real Estate Valuations

Real estate investments vary due to differences in location, size, age, construction materials and lease terms. Based on the specifics of the market, the fair market value of different real estate classes may be subject to multiple factors, which could raise reasonable questions for investors. Our RICS compliant valuations of all real estate classes including real estate portfolios help our clients into their market activities.

Real Estate Investment Analysis

We have considerable experience in property development gained by our participation into different real estate projects, which makes us capable of conducting a comprehensive development appraisals and feasibility studies for new or ongoing investments.
Our independent and licensed BREEAM assessors evaluate the procurement, design, construction and operation of new developments in real estate against targets that are based on predefined benchmarks. The BREEAM standards and processes promote best practice for all aspects of modern and sustainable property development.

Real Estate Asset Management

Аsset management is a complex area of real estate and requires supervision of assets from financial, legal and strategic perspectives. We focus on complete and proactive long term real estate strategies including contract management, occupier’s strategy, acquisition and disposal advice.

Advisory and Transaction Services​

Our local market knowledge and financial model approach in acquisition, disposal and leasing of properties makes us capable to deliver best solutions to real estate investors and occupiers. We believe that investing in real estate relies on fundamental analysis and strong operating cash flow forecasts, not merely on short term market trends and inefficiencies.

Private Debt Valuation

When investors consider buying or selling private debt, some of the most frequent questions are about credit risk, interest rate risk, yield to maturity and volatility. Our goal is to find the fair value of the different portions of the company’s debt for the purpose of market transactions and litigation. To deal with these issues in the process of valuation, we use different models for estimating probability of default, loss given default and expected loss. In some cases we employ Monte Carlo simulation model, generating a set of future cash flows to discount, based on simulated future assumptions that are relevant for value estimation.

Financial Advisory

If you are a small or medium sized organization that has become too complex to be managed by one manager or owner but does not need to hire a full time CFO, you can benefit from our outstanding financial advisory services. These include:

  • Annual budget development
  • Cash­flow planning
  • Decision making on new capital projects; NPV, IRR, Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Valuation of real options and tender participation
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Determining the weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Representing client's interests by negotiations with their financial institution
  • Acting as Board of Directors in order to mitigate conflicts of interests

Wealth Management

We assist our clients in managing investments at high level of choosing the types of accounts, asset allocation and money managers selection, through fund research or performance evaluation of existing portfolio, using analytical tools. Our analysis will tell you whether your fund manager is worth their fees.
Further we offer financial planning and advisory based on the whole wealth of private investors or their families, that may include cash, properties, art collection, bonds and stock. We assist with things like retirement planning, life insurance and estate planning, while answering the question how should you invest in order to reach your short and long term goals.