Company and Business Valuations

Determining the business valuation of any enterprise is a complex and time-consuming process. It is frequently used in setting the price for an enterprise. We provide financial analysis for the sale of assets or shares. Professional valuations are often used by financial institutions to determine the amount of credit that could be extended to a company, by courts in deciding litigation settlement amounts, and by investors when evaluating the performance of company’s management. Valuation is also required to meet a variety of accounting and tax regulations.
We specialize in the valuation of closely-held companies, professional practices, and partnership interests. We perform business valuations on a confidential basis for business owners and their professional advisers for purposes such as estate planning, transaction support and lawsuits. Our clients come from industry and professional practices. Also, we provide appraisal services for business assets such as offering valuations of machinery, equipment, inventory assets and real estates.

Debt valuation and analysis

In the enterprise model of valuation, the firm's equity value is calculated by subtracting the value of the firm's debt from the enterprise value. Debt valuation then becomes an essential component of an assessment of the firm's equity. A company's debt is valued by calculating the payoffs that debt holders can expect to receive, taking into account the risk of default. The default risk is addressed by considering the probability of default and the amount that could be recovered in such an event.

Real Estate Investment Analysis

We have considerable experience in property development gained by our participation in different real estate projects, which makes us capable of conducting comprehensive development appraisals and feasibility studies for new or ongoing investments. We use a set of Monte Carlo methods to model the probability of different outcomes in the development process that cannot be easily predicted due to the many variables that influence the final investment rate of return.

Continual Financial Services

As a small or medium-sized organization that has become too complex to be managed by one manager or owner but does not need to hire a full-time CFO, you can benefit from our continual financial services. These include:
• Annual budget development
• Profitability models for products and services
• Cash-flow planning
• Decision making on new capital projects; NPV, IRR, Monte Carlo Analysis
• Valuation of real options
• Capital budgeting and decision making
• Capital structure optimization and financial leverage
• Calculation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
• Representing the client's interests in negotiations with their financial institution
• Acting as an independent director to mitigate conflicts of interests

Transaction Services​

Our local market knowledge and financial model approach in the acquisition, disposal and leasing of properties make us capable of delivering the best solutions to real estate investors and occupiers. We believe that investing in real estate relies on fundamental analysis and reliable operating cash flow forecasts, not merely on short term market trends and inefficiencies.

Portfolio analysis

A portfolio is a combination of a number of assets. Portfolio analysis is a quantitative method for selecting an optimal portfolio that can do a balance between maximizing the return and minimizing the risk in various uncertain environments. To select the optimal portfolio, we must first answer the questions such as what is the return objective and what is the risk tolerance of the client. Correctly practised and implemented, portfolio analysis is the process of breaking down and studying an investment portfolio to determine both its appropriateness for a given investor and its probability of meeting the goals and objectives of a given investment mandate on a risk-adjusted basis.

Wealth Management

We assist our clients in managing investments at a high level of choosing the types of accounts, asset allocation and money managers selection, through fund research or performance evaluation of the existing portfolio, using analytical tools. Our analysis will tell you whether your fund manager is worth their fees.
Further, we offer financial planning and advisory based on the whole wealth of private investors or their families, that may include cash, properties, art collection, bonds and stock. We assist with things like retirement planning, life insurance and estate planning while answering the question of how should you invest to reach your short and long term goals.

Business Strategic Planning

A business plan precisely defines your business strategy, identifies your goals, and specifies what is required to maximize financial results. The basic components of financial statements include a current and pro forma balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow analysis. Financial reporting allows management to properly allocate resources, detect forthcoming complications, and make sound business decisions. By providing specific and organized information about your company, a good business plan is a crucial part of any loan application and repayment strategy. Business plans are also used by sales personnel and suppliers to optimize just-in-time inventory deliveries and operations. We offer a wide range of planning services, ranging from analysis of market opportunities, to development of operating plans, and building detailed income and cash flow projections. Our planning efforts help businesses to attain objectives, acquire debt or equity financing, and define performance-based compensation programs.

Business Analytics

Regression and time-series analysis are the most widely used statistical techniques in financial modelling. Dynamic behaviour, forecasting future values, detecting the relationship between the values of economic variables over time, can be interpreted by mathematical models. Time-series analysis can explain the past and predict the future of data series.
We can build a tailor-made mathematical model for your business that will inspire confidence in analysing and managing the trends in your business performance.


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